he multi-generational family enterprise was founded by János Kallós in 1978, in Budapest.
In addition to hair and body care products of professional standards, our company also manufactures and distributes fine cosmetics articles. Every element of our particularly broad product portfolio, consisting of hundreds of innovative, new generation products, has been developed in our own laboratory, by always keeping a step ahead of the trends. These articles are manufactured with the use of state-of-the-art technologies, from base materials of excellent quality, with special respect to the design of our products and the quality of packaging. We offer products at 21st century standards and uniquely favorable prices.
The success of our consistent developments is clearly indicated by the fact that we are present in as many as 19 countries of Europe, in addition to Canada and the United States.
We are proud of the fact that for years Kallos Cosmetics has been the market leader of the professional hair care product sector both in Hungary and Romania.
Our often decades-long relationship with the business partners are grounded on reliability. Our key aspirations are the provision of high-standard deliveries to our customers and the continuous development of our services.

Top products from Kallos
- Kallos Omega Hair Mask
- Kallos Algae Hair Mask
- Kallos Caviar Hair Mask
- Kallos Silk Hair Mask
- Kallos Argan Hair Mask
- Kallos Elixir Hair Beautifying Oil
- Kallos Hair Botox Anti-Dandruff Ampoules
- Kallos Shampoo With Banana And Multivitamins