At Lumene all our products are inspired by the natural beauty of the Finnish landscape and the purity and authenticity of the Nordic way of life LUMENE.
From the ideal of naturally luminous fresh skin to the importance we give to optimal hydration and protection, we offer beauty rituals that are true to our Finnish heritage but more than ever relevant for women all over the world, whatever their age, skin type or tone.
Lumene’s philosophy is deeply rooted in its Finnish origins. A country where wellbeing rituals are deeply influenced by women’s relationship with the surrounding and omnipresent nature and unusual light cycle, but also a place where a down-to-earth, authentic and effortless approach to beauty is celebrated.

Top products from Lumene
- Lumene Nordic C [VALO] Glow Boost Essence
- Lumene Nordic Hydra [LAHDE] Hydration Recovery Gel Mask
- Lumene Invisible Instant Glow Beauty Serum
- Nordic Detox [SISU] Moisture Remedy Day & Night Cream
- Lumene Nordic Hydra [LAHDE] 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water